Shrewsbury Churches    Carol & Christmas Services 2017


Shrewsbury Abbey & St Peters

Christmas Eve                                                                        Crib & Christingle - 3.00pm  for all ages

Christmas Eve                                                                        Nine Lessons & Carols - 6.00pm  traditional

Christmas Eve                                                                        Midnight Mass - 11.30pm

Christmas Day                                                            Christmas Communion - 10.00am at both the Abbey & St Peters

December 17th 

Advent 3

6pm St. Peter's Monkmoor

Carols by Candlelight

December 24th 

Crib & Christingle

3pm Abbey

For all ages

December 24th

9 Lessons & Carols

6pm Abbey

In traditional style

December 24th

Midnight Mass

11.30pm Abbey

December 25th

Christmas Day

10am Abbey and

10am St. Peter's Monkmoor










Shrewsbury Cathedral                                   

 Sunday 17th December            Carol Service @ 3.00 pm

 Christmas Eve                         Children's Crib Mass -   6pm

                                               Carols & Readings - 11:30pm

                                               Midnight Mass                     

Christmas Day                     Mass of Christmas Dawn  -  8:30am 

                                         Mass of Christmas Day - 10:45am 

Mass of Christmas Day   9.30am   @ Church of  Our Lady of Pity (Harlescott)


Mass of Christmas Day   9:30am   @ Church of  St Winefride,  




St. Chad's                                                     

Sunday 3rd December

Advent Carol Service - 7.00pm

Sunday 17th December                   

 9 Lessons & Carols - 6:00 pm

Christmas Eve                                                                     Crib Service - 4.00pm

Christmas Eve                                                                     Midnight Mass - 11.30pm

Christmas Day                                                        

Eucharist with hymns - 8.00am

Christmas Day                                                        

Christmas Eucharist - 10:00am

CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL  9th December - 3rd January


St Alkmunds

Monday December 11th        Carol Service - 6.15pm

(followed by Mulled wine and mince pies)

December 25th                      Christmas Day Eucharist -10.00  


Bayston Hill: Christ Church                       

Sunday, 17th December   Carol Service -  6.30 p.m.

Christmas Eve                Christingle Service -  4.00 p.m.

Christmas Eve                Midnight Communion -11.15p.m.

Christmas Day                Christmas family Communion - 10.00am


Bayston Hill: Methodist Church                

Sunday 3rd December       Advent - "The Big Nativity" 10.30am

Sunday 17th December     Carol Service with Salopian Brass                                       Band  - 3.00pm

Christmas Day                  Christmas Day Service - 10.00am



Bayston Hill: Storehouse Church 


Sun 10th  Dec         Christingle Service 4pm

Christmas Eve      Carols by Candlelight 4pm



Belle Vue: Holy Trinity                                


Sunday, Dec 10 - 10:30AM - 2nd Sunday of Advent - Candle Light Advent Service & Communion

Sunday, Dec 10 - 6:30PM - Carol Service followed by Seasonal Beverages & Pudding            

Sunday, Dec 24th - 4th Sunday of Advent - Candle Light Advent Service & Communion

Sunday, Dec 24th - 5PM Christmas Eve Service

Monday, Dec 25th - 10:30AM - Christmas Day Service



Belle Vue: Methodist Church                    

Sunday 17th December    Carol service  -  5.30pm
Christmas Eve                Holy Communion -  11.30pm
Christmas Day                Christmas morning celebration - 9.30am


Castlefields: All Saints             Tel: (01743) 244 879

Sunday 17h December             Nine lessons & Carols - 3.00 pm

Christmas Eve                        Family crib Service -  4:00 pm

                                            Midnight Mass - 11:30pm

Christmas Day                     Procession & Solemn Mass - 10:30 am


Coleham: Barnabas Community Church  

Sunday 10th December          Family Service with presentation

                                            from the children  - 10am

Sunday 17h December        Carol Service (& mince pies) 4.30pm

Sunday 25th December       Christmas Family Service - 10.30am.



 Coleham: United Reformed Church         

Sunday 10th December                    Christingle Service  - 4 p.m.

Sunday 17th December                    Childrens' Christmas

                                                    Festival service 10.30 am

Christmas Eve                        Candlelit Carol Service - 6 p.m

Christmas Day                       Christmas Day Service - 10.30 a.m



 Crowmoor Baptist                                       

See "Shrewsbury Baptist Church"




Frankwell: St Georges                                

Sunday 17th December                   Carols Service, 5.00pm. 

Tue 19th December                       Carol Service @ 7.00pm

Christmas Eve                               Crib Service - 5.00pm.

Christmas Eve                         Midnight Communion, 11.30pm

Christmas Day                         Services 8am and 10.30am. 


 Greek Orthodox Church                            

Christmas Eve   24th December        Vigil  - 6pm

Christmas Day                                Liturgy of St Basil - 10.00am




Greenfields: Methodist Church           Tel: (01743) 230 939

Sunday 17th December                    Carol Service - 4.00pm

Christmas Eve                                 Crib service - 3pm

Christmas Eve                                 Holy Communion - 10.00pm




Harlescott: Church of the Holy Spirit     Tel: (01743) 362 883

Sunday 10th December              Community Carols - 6:30 pm

Sunday 17th  December             Carols by Candlelight - 6:30 pm

Christmas Eve                          Crib service - 6:00 pm

Christmas Eve                         Midnight Communion - 11:15 pm 

Christmas Day                         Family Celebration - 10:00 am

Boxing Day                             Open Air Carols @ Haughmond

                                             Hill Car Park 11.00am                                                                                                         


Harlescott: Emmanuel                   Tel: (01743) 350 907

Sunday 10th December        Carols by Candlelight           6:30 pm

Christmas Eve                    Crib service - 4.00pm

Chrustmas Eve                   Midnight Communion - 11.15pm

Christmas Day                All Age Communion Service - 10.00am




Harlescott: Hope Church   Tel: (01743) 272 465

Try website for service details




Harlescott: Riversway

Sunday 17th  December                  Carol Service - 6:30 pm

Christmas Day                               Christmas Service - 10:00am




Meole Brace: Church in the Meet Place  

Friday 16th December                                             Carols on the Green - 6.15 - 7.30 pm

Friday 19th December                                              Community Carol Service   3:15 pm






Meole Brace: Holy Trinity                           

Sunday 17th December       Carols by Candlelight - 4.30pm

                                        Carols by Candlelight - 7.00pm

Christmas Eve                    Crib Service  - 5.00pm

Christmas Eve                    Midnight Communion   - - 11.30pm

Christmas Day                    Holy Communion .9.00am

                                  All Age Christmas Celebration - 10.45am



Monkmoor: St Peter's                                 

Sunday 17th December        Carols by Candlelight - 6:00 pm

Christmas Day                  Christmas Communion  - 10.00am      



Oxon and Shelton                                       

Sunday 17th December                    Carol Service -  6:00pm


Christmas Eve                               Crib Service 4.00pm

Christmas Eve                              Midnight Communion 11.30pm

Christmas Day                        Christmas Day Service - 10:30am



Radbrook: Christ the King                         

  Sunday 10th December            Christingle Service 4.00pm in 

                                               Radbrook Community Centre


Christmas Day     All Age Christmas Celebration -




Salvation Army

Sunday 17th December           "All Things Christmassy" -


Sunday 24th December           Carols & Crib Service   @ 10.00am               



Sutton: St Giles                                           


Christmas Eve                            Crib Service 4.30pm    
Christmas Eve                             Midnight Mass - 11.30pm

Christmas Day                            Holy Eucharist (BCP) -  8am    

Christmas Day                            Family Eucharist  - 9.30am   


  Christmas Eve                 First Communion of

                                       Christmas    9.30pm              

Christmas Day                  Holy Eucharist with Carols -  11am




Shrewsbury Baptist Church:                      

Sunday 10th December               Christmas Community Brunch

 10.30 am


Sunday 17th December       .         Carols by Candlelight at  

        Shrewsbury Baptist Church Central -   Family Service + 

                                                  refreshments - 4.30 pm.  

Sunday 24th December               Carols by Candlelight at  

 Shrewsbury Baptist Church Crowmoor -   5.00pm 


 Christmas Day                          Family Christmas Service at

                                               Crowmoor - 9.30



Shrewsbury Welsh Church      Meeting at Bayston Hill Methodist Church, Lansdowne Road, Bayston Hill

Sunday 10h December          Welsh Church/ Welsh Society

                                          Carol Service -  6pm

 Sunday 17th  December      Welsh Church/ Welsh Society

                                           Christmas service 6.30pm


Wellspring Apostolic : Belle Vue


Monday 18th December     Carol Service Gathering

                                      jointly with Roofbreakers  6.00pm


Christmas Eve                  Christmas Eve Gathering @ 4.00pm